Terms and Conditions

All lessons are subject to a charge equivalent to the time booked if at least 12 hours notice is not given to cancel a lesson.

Sickness calls should be made by 8:am on the day of the driving lesson; texts will be accepted by 8:30am otherwise a charge will be made.

Anyone not turning up for a lesson for whatever reason will be required to pay for future lessons in advance.

Payment for lessons can be made by cheque, with the card number on the back, or by cash after the driving lesson. Please make sure that you have the payment with you as driving to the cash dispenser will be done in your time.

No one will be permitted to drive the car if they turn up for their driving lesson in dirty work clothes.

No driving tests to be booked without consulting the Driving Instructor first.

I reserve the right to withhold the tuition vehicle for the practical test if in my opinion you are not ready for the test.

I cannot be held responsible for any unforseen circumstances, such as mechanical failure of the tuition vehicle, or test cancellations due to bad weather or the sickness of Driving Examiners.

All correspondence given by the driving school must be returned if course of lessons is not completed.

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